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How to start your trade representation office in Qatar

With Qatar’s strong economic growth and the government’s emphasis on diversification, inward investment, and sustainability, multinational corporations are increasingly wanting to establish a presence in Doha. Venture Partner Qatar is the right partner and on-the-ground service provider for firms wishing to develop their operations in Qatar and get access to local markets.

The number of Trade Representative Offices established in Qatar has increased dramatically in recent years, owing to increased demand from the local market and the desire of international enterprises to establish a presence in Qatar.

trade representative office
Some of the advantages of a Trade Representative Office are as follows:
  • A foreign company’s Trade Representative Office can serve as a ‘Shop Window’ in Qatar without exporting, importing, or selling products and services.
  • A foreign firm can open a representative office in Qatar with 100% ownership without the need for a local partner or sponsor.
  • When the Company decides to extend its operations in Qatar, the Rep Office can be converted into a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • For a Trade Representative Office, there is no need for a share capital.
  • A Trade Representative Office in Qatar is not permitted to establish customers or sign contracts.
  • The Rep Office is unable to carry out marketing or ads for the company in Qatar.
  • A Rep Office must select a qualified Auditor in Qatar who will request for tax exemption; nonetheless, accounting must still be filed.

The Trade Representative Office, on the other hand, is only authorized to act as an office for formal communication with customers. In Qatar, the Trade Office does not have the authority to export, import, or sell products or services.

Why need a trade representative office In Qatar?

The Trade Representative Office has a significant and tremendous influence on the local economy. With such favourable influence across various worldwide markets throughout the world, they serve as a point of contact. It enables them to maintain direct communication with clients for queries and concerns in various worldwide locations.

How can QCF Global Services help you with establishing trade representative office?

Setting up a Trade Rep Office in Qatar is an appealing concept for businesses; however, the procedure is typically time-consuming and complex, and it can be difficult to grasp the different requirements associated with establishing a new firm. Our specialist staff on the ground in Qatar is a subject matter expert in company formation for various business entities and can help you throughout the formation process from start to end. Our  professionals can provide a hassle-free service by taking care of the formalities and paperwork necessary to establish your business in Qatar. Feel free to contact QCF Global Services for further information and a representative of our staff will respond as soon as possible.