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Launching your dream business in Qatar? Let's turn your vision into a thriving reality with seamless company formation in Qatar

Do you dream of starting your own venture in Qatar? Are you confused about the rules and regulations or are you looking for a professional assistance with free consultation and fastest documentation.  The await is here.. Anyone with a business idea or a plan can setup a company formation in Qatar within few days time at a lowest market cost rate.

Due to Qatar’s diverse economic growth and in support of both national and foreign investors, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has announced a 90% reduction on selected government service fees. This is the perfect time for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and startups to establish their businesses in Qatar at a significantly lower cost.

A foreigner or a business person can register a company in Qatar Mainland, Free Zone, Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and  Qatar Science and Technology  Park (QSTP) with each having different laws and regulations that apply to enterprises. Company formation in any of these regulatory has many advantages including 100% foreign ownership, tax benefits, world-class infrastructure, a stable economy, and more. However, you have to accomplish the standard minimum regulatory requirements to start a business in Qatar and to smoothly run your business.

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Let it be a small or a large-scale business, the requirements for a business setup with local Qatari or 100% foreign ownership company formation in Qatar may vary depending on the type of business entity. There are various types of business entities that a business person or an investor can set up in Qatar – Limited Liability Company (LLC), Trade Representative Office, Foreign Branch Office, and Free Zone Company. As a foreigner or a business person, it is viable to register any of these business entities with 100% foreign ownership or convert your existing company to 100% ownership now.
Before setting up a business in Qatar, it is fundamental to know the distinction between all these business Regulations and types of business entities in Qatar. QCF Global Services will assist you through a comprehensive step-by-step procedure of the best fit for your business setup in Qatar. In addition, we also offer professional PRO services to assist with business approvals, license renewals, visa services, municipality, and foreign affairs in Qatar.

Types of company formation in Qatar – You must know

Qatar is one of the strong economies in the world, and in recent years they are constantly expanding many business opportunities for foreigners to establish their presence here by investing and starting a business with a low tax rate. Before expanding a business setup in Qatar, registering company is of a great importance. Each registration processing depends on the business entity. There are six types of company registrations including:

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Registration

LLC is the most common form of company formation & in an LLC, 51 % of the share capital is owned by the Qatari owner. And 49% is owned by Expatriate Investor ( UBO will be Registered as per Customer Request).

Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) – 100% Foreign Ownership

Qatar free zone under the Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA) offers excellent business opportunity for foreign investors. QFZ allows 100% foreign ownership with zero corporate income tax and no foreign currency restrictions.

100% foreign investment Company (Non-Qatari Company)

Without a Qatari partnership, the government is providing 100% foreign ownership for business types such as Trading companies, Tech Companies, Health, Tourism, Manufacturing, and more.

they are giving shake hand after register a company in Qatar

Qatar Financial Center (QFC) 100% Incorporation

QFC is a leading business and financial center in Qatar. Businesses can accelerate many benefits after incorporating QFC. QFC allows 100% foreign ownership with a 10% corporate tax.

Foreign Company – Representative Office

A representative office is one of the common forms of company type through which a foreign company can set up in Qatar. The short time frame required to register such an office is the main reason for its acceptance.

Foreign company branch registration

A branch office in Qatar is a registered company and is useful if your business runs nationally (or even internationally) and you need operational or logistical management in several geographical areas .

Company formation in Qatar can be a straightforward process

Qatar is a top spot for entrepreneurs and investors wanting to start businesses. It’s got a great location, a strong economy, and rules that make it easy to do business. But before you start, you need to know the different ways you can set up your business here. 

Qatar provides several options, each presenting distinct advantages and requisites. The process are as follows:

Step 1: Select your Business Activity

The selection of a business activity involves identifying an appropriate business activity you want to manage and ensure that the activities are compatible with Qatar’s laws and regulations.

Step 2: Select your Business Structure

Select the right business structure for your business such as a Limited Liability Company(LLC), Partnership, Branch office. Partnership considerations are also crucial in the selection of your business structure.

Step 3: Company Name approval

When picking a name for your business, it's important to choose one that follows the rules and does not violate on any existing trademarks or copyrights.

Step 4: Submission of Articles of Association

Company has to obtain the approval of the Articles of Association by outlining the company’s objectives, structure, and shareholders. This approval will be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Step 5: Commercial Registration apply

To legally operate your business setup in Qatar, it is important to complete Commercial Registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Step 6: Apply for Trade Licensing

Getting a trade license is crucial to securing office space and conducting business activities. This license must be obtained from the appropriate authorities, aligned with the business’s nature, granting legal permission to operate within Qatar.

Step 7: Obtaining a Computer Card

After securing the trade license, the company becomes eligible to apply for a computer card from the Ministry of Interior.

Step 8: Applying for visa

Business owners and employees may need to obtain residence permits and work visas before they can be employed in Qatar.

Step 9: Open corporate bank account

To set up a foreign-owned business, it is necessary to obtain a letter from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The letter will address the permission to open a bank account in Qatar.

Which business strategy are you going to choose?

The place for a company formation in Qatar
100% Foreign Ownership Registration

Would it be great if you can make the decision or changes in business plan on your own and implement without any other stakeholders permissions All the profit generated from the business is not shared and can be reinvested to grown in business. That’s where the 100% foreign ownership registration comes in place having the benefits for foreigner to be flexible and carry out the business sole partnership so which will help the business grow to the highest limits.

Local Qatari Partnership

Would it be better if you can get innovative ideas through collaboration with a partner or a creative solution in the business challenges. Starting a business involves risk factors so it would be better to have a mutual support such as resources and capital so the risk or profit is shared within each partners. Here comes the strategy with a local Qatari sponsor for support business flow might be less risky and gain more margin for business.

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Navigating success: expert support for your business formation in Qatar

Qatar is a fast-growing economy. In recent times, there has been a noticeable growth in the influx of investors and entrepreneurs choosing Qatar as their preferred destination for a successful business setup. But this can be particularly challenging for newcomers who might not be familiar with the intricacies of the Qatari business landscape.

For any company formation or a business formation in Qatar, you need to understand Qatar’s legal formalities such as paper works, license, visa, how to open a corporate bank account, or finding the right Qatari sponsor and more. For this, you have to meet the right business consultant to clear the doubt regarding how to do a company formation in Qatar.

The profound knowledge of our experts in Qatar’s market, legal & regulatory requirements, local infrastructure, and more will serve as a guiding compass at every stage, ensuring a targeted approach to achieve your business goals. We at QCF Global Services will feed your all requirements regarding company formation in Qatar.


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to Common Questions

  • How can i start a business in Qatar as foreigner?

    A foreigner can start a business in Qatar with or without a sponsor. By complying with the legal structure & Qatar’s business laws and obtaining the necessary approvals, a foreigner can start a company with many benefits.

  • What are the procedures for registering a company in Qatar?

    1. Company name approval.
    2. Processing for commercial registration
    3. Processing for a commercial permit (CP)
    4. Processing for regulatory permits (extra approvals are required on selected business activities)
    5. Processing for company computer card (EID)
    6. Processing for a tax card
    7. Issuing Import and Export License (Import Code)
    8. Gather approval to hire employees from abroad

  • What is the minimum cost to start a business in Qatar?

    The minimum cost to start a company in Qatar is 2720 QAR. And the cost of set up a business will depend on various factors like company size, business type, number of employees and Approvals from various Government sectors depends on activities.

  • What is the minimum duration to register a company in Qatar?

    The time taken to start a company in Qatar will depends on activities and licenses.

  • What are the main characteristics of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) company formation in Qatar?

    1. A LLC company formation in Qatar can be formed with minimum partners of 2 and a maximum of 50.
    2. The minimum share capital requirement of QAR 1000 is required.
    3. Corporate tax is 10% of the profit of a company.
    4. Suitable office space is mandatory before obtaining a trade license.
    5. A separate legal entity with Limited liability is required.