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Qatar Free Zone (QFZ)

In the free zone company formation, Qatar has a stronghold and has been listed in Forbes’ top 40 nations for business. Qatar, like its surrounding nations, has free zones that invite corporate investors, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to establish their foundations. Because of the availability of free zones in Qatar, they find that establishing a business there is a more appealing alternative.

Qatar free zones provide a wide range of amenities for day-to-day business, including:

  • Rapid firm formation and licensing
  • Possibility of leasing property for development Warehouse/factory/office units for rent
  • Personnel accommodations on-site
  • Road, sea, and air transportation are available.
  • Strong network infrastructure
  • Energy at a low cost
  • Low living expenses
  • An appealing working environment
Qatar free zone company formation

In Qatar, there are primarily three regulatory authorities that provide free zones are Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA), Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) and Qatar Financial Center (QFC).

1. Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA)

QFZA provides world-class Free Zones in Qatar with cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure for international investors looking to participate in industries that help the Qatari economy grow. The QFZA now operates two free zones, Ras Bufontas and Umm Alhoul are the main free zones companies in Qatar. All of which are within 30 minutes of the country’s capital, Doha.

- Ras Bufontas (Airport Free Zone)
  • This airport free zone is 4 km2 and has direct access to Hamad International Airport
  • It contains 24 pre-fabricated industrial units ranging in size from 415 m2 to 1500 m2
  • Easy access to reliable air transportation services
  • Key sector industries includes Consumer Products, Technology and Applications, Logistics, Light Manufacturing Services, Pharmaceuticals.
- Umm Al Houl (Port Free Zone)
  • Umm Al Houl is a seaport free zone with 32 km2 and direct access to Hamad Port.
  • The city’s primary seaport and the world’s largest “greenfield” port development.
  • Easy access to sea freight and shipping routes
  • Key sector industries includes Logistics, Polymers and Plastics, Maritime Industries, Advanced Manufacturing.

Types of business startup in Qatar Free Zone (QFZA)

The Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) is an independent authority that manages all Qatar-free zones, offering outstanding benefits and opportunities for business owners or foreigners who are planning to expand their business setup to the Qatar market. QFZA offers a number of business activities such as Emerging Technologies, Trading, Industrial Products & Services, Logistics & Warehousing, Business services, Automotive & Transport Equipment, Food & Beverages, Exporting, Hospitality, Construction & Real Estate, Manufacturing, Media & Design Services, Marine Activities & Services, Financial Services etc. This authority has now permitted 90% of business sectors to start in the Qatar free zone and all these activities can be changed from time to time. Contact QCF Global Services for further information.

Benefits of Establishing a Free Zone Company in Qatar

QFZ is an optimal choice for business owners or foreign investors who are planning establish a free zone company in Qatar. QFZA offers range of benefits for business sectors including 100% foreign ownership registration for your company.

  • Zero corporate tax
  • Zero Income tax
  • Zero custom duties
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation
  • Branch or LLC structuring options
  • Zero corporate tax
  • Zero Income tax
  • Zero custom duties
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation
  • Branch or LLC structuring options

How can i establish a business in the Qatar Free Zone (QFZA)?

QCF Global Services can function as your agent to assist with the setup and contact with the Qatar Free zone Authority to guarantee the accurate and on time free zone company formation  in QFZA. Throughout the procedure, We at QCF Global Services will assist you in accomplishing each step as mentioned below and to make your business operational in successful.


Select the suitable free zone for your business


Prepare the business plan in detail (company’s products or services, target market, and financial projections)


Select the right business structure as a Limited Liability company (LLC) or a Branch Office


Register your business


Find out a suitable office space or warehouse within the free zone


Open a bank account


Visa Processing

Qatar Free Zone company formation cost

The initial government fees for establishing a business in a QFZ are QAR 11,000. This includes a free zone application charge of QAR 300, a free zone registration price of QAR 5,700, and an annual licensing fee of QAR 5,000. Qatar free zone company formation cost can vary depending on company activities and size of the space.

2. Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP)

This free zone is located within Qatar Foundation and primarily accepts enterprises engaged in scientific, innovative, research, and technology. The benefits includes;

  • Complete foreign firm ownership
  • Corporate income tax exemption of 100%
  • Personal income tax exemption of 100%
  • Import and export tariffs and taxes are completely excluded.
  • Capital and earnings are repatriated in their whole.
  • No limits on foreign currency
  • Rapid Company Formation

3. Qatar Financial Center (QFC)

QFC was initially founded to recruit international financial institutions and other multinational enterprises to Qatar and to develop financial sector businesses.

How can QCF Global Services help you?

At QCF Global Services, we understand how difficult it is to enter and expand in new markets. Therefore, we assist you with determining the best legal entity for your firm and with all applicable PRO Services, such as staff visas, and labor issues, as well as any relevant company licenses, corporate structuring, and corporate governance.

If you require any assistance for company formation in Qatar, or if you need further information on any other related assistance, local partner, or PRO service matter in Qatar, contact us today.