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Corporate bank account opening service

QCF Global Services will assist our international clients for opening a corporate bank account in their preferred jurisdictions. We are experts in forming business setup in Qatar. We are providing all assistance to register a company in Qatar for any small or large size enterprises. Hence, after getting more ideas about your business, our team of experts will advise on suitable banks and jurisdictions which you may wish to consider.

We at QCF Global Services have an expert team with high proficiency in handling the different requirements and needs of each banking system.

Need of opening a corporate bank account in Qatar

A corporate bank account will help you to keep your business expenses separate from your personal savings and also helps you track your business cash flows, which will come in handy when filing taxes.

Our systematic methodology will help you to make every process in a fast manner that has worked for us over the years.

Documents required for opening a corporate bank account

The following documents are required to open a corporate bank account in Qatar:

  • Duly Completed and signed FATCA / CRS Tax Declaration
  • Valid commercial registration Copy (Arabic & English)
  • Valid Establishment / Computer Card (Copy)
  • Valid Trade License (Copy)
  • Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Board Resolution
  • If any of the partner(s) is a company, a Valid Partner CR (Copy) is required, and copies of all partners’ Qatari IDs.
  • QID for partners and authorized signatories
  • Valid Passport copy for ex-pat partners/ Authorized signatories
  •  QID / Passport for Directors & top management excluding Partners & Authorized Signatories.
  •  Tax Card
QCF Global Services will assist you with all these document preparations in a timely and hassle-free manner. 

How to open a corporate bank account in Qatar

Opening a corporate bank account in Qatar is a very fast and easy way of methodology for our team.

1. Understand your business

Depending on the business needs, the requirements of bank account opening will be different from one another. Hence, knowing your business is an important factor before opening a bank account.

2. Selection of a corporate bank

In order to choose the right banking partner for your business, we will provide a list of banks including all necessary information such as bank opening fees, initial deposit, account maintenance fees, etc.

3. Fill out account opening forms

We at QCF Global Services will provide the bank opening forms from your preferred banking partners. After you have completed the forms, our team will review the documents carefully before submitting them to the bank officers and will do the proper follow-ups on behalf of our clients.

4. Partners Verification

Bank verification after the form submission.

5. Opening of account successfully

Once after getting approval from the preferred bank, your account will be opened within a few days. Our team will take care of your all procedures for opening a bank account in Qatar. 

Are you ready to open a corporate bank account in Qatar?

QCF Global Services is a one-stop business solution provider that offers all services for company formation including bank account opening, CR registration, Qatari sponsorship, 100% foreign ownership registration, etc. Other legal services include translation, certificate attestation, and many more. Our years of experience can assist you in starting a business in Qatar without fail. To know more about corporate bank account opening services in Qatar, contact us Now!