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QCF Global is a one-stop business service center that offers a variety of legal services including company formation in Qatar, translation services, Notary attestation, and PRO services to small and big enterprises and legal entities in Qatar.


Welcome to QCF Global Services – Company Formation in Qatar

QCF Global Services is a one-stop business service center that offers a variety of legal services including Company formation in Qatar, PRO service management, Translation Services, Notary Attestation and more to small and big enterprises and legal entities in Qatar. We are a multinational corporation with a significant presence in India and a large footprint in the Middle East. Our mission is to provide high-quality corporate public relations services to new and existing firms, as well as to advise and support people and corporations to open a company in Qatar and overseas.

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A foreign investor or an enterprise can register a company in Qatar Mainland, Free Zone or QFC (Qatar Financial Center), with each having different laws and regulations that apply to enterprises. Company setup in any of these regulatory has many advantages including 100% foreign ownership, tax benefits, world-class infrastructure, a stable economy, and more. However, you have to accomplish the standard minimum regulatory requirements to start a business in Qatar and to smoothly run your business.

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Let it be a small or a large-scale business, the requirements for a business setup or 100% foreign ownership company registration in Qatar may vary depending on the type of business entity. There are various types of business entities that a business person or an investor can set up in Qatar- Limited Liability Company (LLC), Trade Representative Office, Foreign Branch Office, and Free Zone Company. As a foreigner or a business person, it is viable to register any of these business entities with 100% foreign ownership or convert your existing company to 100% ownership now.

Before setting up a business in Qatar, it is fundamental to know the distinction between all these business Regulations and types of business entities in Qatar. QCF Global Services will assist you through a comprehensive step-by-step procedure of the best fit for your company formation in Qatar. In addition, we also offer professional PRO (Public Relations Officer) services to assist with business approvals, license renewals, visa services, municipality, and foreign affairs in Qatar.

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Types of Company Registration in QatarYou Must Know

Qatar is one of the strong economies in the world, and in recent years they are constantly expanding many business opportunities for foreigners to establish their presence here by investing and starting a business with a low tax rate. Before developing a business setup in Qatar, Company registration is of great importance. Each registration processing depends on the business entity. Mainly, there are six types of company registrations included.

LLC (Limited Liability Company) Registration

LLC is the most common form of company formation & in an LLC, 51 % of the share capital is owned by the Qatari owner. And 49% is owned by Expatriate Investor ( UBO will be Registered as per Customer Request).

100% foreign investment Company (Non-Qatari Company)

Without a Qatari partnership, the government is providing 100% foreign ownership for business types such as Trading companies, Tech Companies, Health, Tourism, Manufacturing, and more.

QFZ (Qatar Free Zone) – 100% Foreign Ownership

Qatar free zone under the  Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA) offers excellent business opportunity for foreign investors. QFZ allows 100% foreign ownership with zero corporate income tax and no foreign currency restrictions.

QFC (Qatar Financial Center) 100% Incorporation

QCF is a leading business and financial center in Qatar. Businesses can accelerate many benefits after incorporating QFC. QFC allows 100% foreign ownership with a 10% corporate tax. 

Foreign CompanyRepresentative Office Registration

A representative office is one of the common forms of company type through which a foreign company can set up in Qatar. The short time frame required to register such an office is the main reason for its acceptance.

Foreign company branch registration (for Direct Government Projects/ Contracts)

A branch office in Qatar is a registered company and is useful if your business runs nationally (or even internationally) and you need operational or logistical management in several geographical areas .


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Navigating Success: Expert Support for Your Company Formation in Qatar

Qatar is a fast-growing economy. In recent times, there has been a noticeable growth in the influx of investors and entrepreneurs choosing Qatar as their preferred destination for a successful business setup. But this can be particularly challenging for newcomers who might not be familiar with the intricacies of the Qatari business landscape.

For any company formation or a business setup in Qatar, you need to understand Qatar’s legal formalities such as paper works, license, visa, how to open a corporate bank account, or finding the right Qatari sponsor and more. For this, you have to meet the right business consultant to clear the doubt regarding how to do a company registration in Qatar.

The profound knowledge of our experts in Qatar’s market, legal & regulatory requirements, local infrastructure, and more will serve as a guiding compass at every stage, ensuring a targeted approach to achieve your business goals. We at QCF Global Services will feed your all requirements regarding company registration in Qatar.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the documents required for start a business in Qatar?

Important documents to start a business in Qatar are company name, sponsor’s (id, mobile number and mail id) details, partner’s (ID, Mobile number and E-mail) details.

What is the minimum duration to complete the procedure for a company formation? 

The time taken to start a company in Qatar will depends on activities and licenses.

What is the minimum cost to start a business in Qatar?

The minimum Cost to start a company in Qatar is 2720 Qr. And the cost of set up a business will depend on various factors like company size, business type, number of employees and Approvals from various Government sectors depends on activities.

What are the procedures for registering a company in Qatar?

Depends on the company type the procedure may vary. Following are the general steps for a company registration in Qatar.
1. Company name Approval.
2. Processing for commercial registration
3. Processing for a commercial permit (CP)
4. Processing for regulatory permits (extra approvals are required on selected business activities)
5. Processing for company computer card (EID)
6. Processing for a tax card
7. Issuing Import and Export License (Import Code) – 
8. Gather approval to hire employees from abroad

What are the different types of business entities to set up a business in Qatar?

Before entering into the company registration in Qatar, it is highly recommended to determine the type of business entity.
Different types of business entities in Qatar are:

1. Limited Liability Company (LLC), 2. General Partnership company, 3. Limited partnership company, 4. Holding corporation, 5. Joint venture, 6. Public shareholding company, 7. Commercial agencies, 8. Real estate company formation, 9. Trade representative office, 10.Branch offices

What are the main characteristics of an LLC company formation in Qatar?

1. An LLC company formation in Qatar can be formed with minimum partners of 2 and a maximum of 50.
2. The minimum share capital requirement of QAR 1000 is required.
3. Corporate tax is 10% of the profit of a company.
4. Suitable office space is mandatory before obtaining a trade license.
5. A separate legal entity with Limited liability is required.

How can a foreign company or investor start a business in Qatar?

A foreign investor can start a business in Qatar with or without a sponsor. By complying with the legal structure & Qatar’s business laws and obtaining the necessary approvals, a foreign investor can start a company with many benefits. For any business set up in Qatar, QCF Global Services consultants will be pleased to discuss your business needs and will assist you with end-to-end services.

Do i need to register my company in Qatar if I am selling product online?

You should register an eCommerce trading company in Qatar to sale products online.

Is QCF Global Provide designing and branding services?

Yes, We also provide very high-quality branding and complete graphic design services at affordable price

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We are a multinational corporation with a significant presence in India and a large footprint in the Middle East. Our mission is to provide high-quality corporate public relations services to new and existing firms, as well as to advise and support people and corporations in establishing enterprises in Qatar and overseas.

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