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Notarization is a crucial aspect of ensuring the legitimacy of your papers in Qatar. A duly authorized notary attestation in Qatar is essential for various purposes such as, signature authentication, foreign work visa processing, statutory declarations, legislation, creating power of attorney, and witnessing vital signatures for different commercial deals, contracts, and affidavits.

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Notary public services in Qatar are the next level of verification that asserts the validity of the person’s document by attesting and is necessary for a variety of purposes. QCF Global Services provides fast Notary attestation services by licensed notaries in Qatar. We offer support to both individuals and businesses for a range of notarization in Qatar as follows.

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Notarize your documents from a trusted notary public in Qatar–within one day

A notary public is a person authorized by the government to perform various legal functions, including verifying the authenticity of documents, administering oaths, and witnessing the signing of important legal documents, such as contracts, affidavits, deeds, and wills. A notary public is required to notarize a document in Qatar, which involves providing a notary stamp, signature, and lawyer details to approve its creditability. Additionally, for certified true copy attestations, a true copy verification stamp will also be included in the document.

We Offers following Notary services as:

  • Certified True Copy Attestation
  • Notarization of Documents
  • Identification of Documents
  • Payslips
  • Affidavit Attestation
  • Power of Attorney
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Signature Witnessing

We are processing notary services in Qatar with following steps

We understand that document legalization at the Foreign & Common wealth Office and Consular Legalization may be a time-consuming and difficult procedure, which is why we are here to make the authentication process quick and trustworthy for you. The number of documents doesn’t matter. We’ll get your documents notarized within one day. For this, you can submit your passport copy or ID copy with the original documents to be notarized. It is usually used to prevent fraud and ensure the legality and authenticity of your documents.

To get a fast notarization of your document, you have to follow the steps as mentioned below.
  • Step 1: Doucment Submission Submit your Original document for notarization for all the steps
  • Step 2: Document verification Our team will conduct document verification prior to the notarization process
  • Step 3: Purpose of notarization We will handle the documents according to your specified requirements
  • Step 4: Notary attestation The notary public will receive and process your documents for notarization
  • Step 5: Document collection The notarized document can be collected from our office within a day
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How QCF Global Services can help you in a fast notary attestation in Qatar?

QCF Global Services is one of the most dependable notary service in Doha, Qatar. We have been providing services in Qatar for many years and have happy clients from all over the country.

When you are unfamiliar with the procedure or don’t know how to do the attestation, it may take longer than normal to obtain notary verification in Qatar. Don’t worry! QCF Global Services completes the work for you in the smallest amount of time. We will help you to notarize and legally authenticate your document. Additionally, we are offering company formation, certified translation services , PRO services, and other related services in Qatar for over a decade.