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We provide assistance in obtaining an Industrial License in Qatar. QCF Global  Services has a strong presence in the GCC area and has created a robust platform for business industries to track the progress of our clients in this region. We focus specifically on Qatar in order to supply individuals with Industrial License.

We can provide professional and accurate Industrial License services in Qatar. We increased our services in accordance with its principles: by merging the best local business partners to provide major corporations, suitable governmental entities, or individual entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge and expertise of area legislation in the manufacturing and construction industries.

QCF Global for industrial license

The QCF Global group of enterprises collaborates with our totally trusted partners. We have long-standing connections with our clients in order to provide them with the best and most honest service possible. We have created a comprehensive set of services for both regional and international clients that want an Industrial License in Qatar.

We can provide you with trustworthy business information and expert advice. You can rely on us to run and compete effectively. There are several businesses in Qatar that have been licensed by our service. We serve as a simple way to start a business in Qatar.

You can contact us to learn more about the Guidelines for Starting a Business in Qatar; Yes, with our qualified personnel, we are the perfect industrial business setup provider in Qatar.

Qatar Classification Certificate for industrial license

The Qatar government has created a classification procedure for all commercial dealings with the State of Qatar in the form of a Company Classification Certificate under the New Tenders and Auctions Regulation Law, which went into effect on June 13, 2016. Foreign and domestic enterprises vying for government contracts must register with the Government Procurement Regulatory Department and be classed as a contractor, service providers, or suppliers (GPRD).

How can i obtain a Qatar company classification certificate?

Companies are defined, appraised, and categorized based on their specialty via an online application procedure that serves as an official route between bids and government organizations, businesses, and institutions.

This adds transparency, integrity and fairness to corporate rivalry by placing it inside the right legal framework. All information on the firm, its owners, its financial status (share capital and net assets), administrative and technical employees, the type of equipment possessed by the company, previous and present projects in which the company was involved, and so on, must be supplied online. The business registration certificate or articles of association for foreign firms must be attested by the Qatari embassy in the applicant’s home country.

Significant procurement law changes

The New Procurement Law applies to a wide range of government agencies and promotes improved efficiency in public procurement. The following are some of the most significant changes made by the new law:

  • The Central Tenders Committee has been disbanded, and the tendering process has been decentralized.
  • Dispute Resolution Committees have been established to help in the resolution of tender issues.
  • The use of two-stage tendering was permitted.
  • SMEs were exempted from the requirement to furnish performance bonds and payment guarantees.

If you have any questions concerning the process of obtaining a Company Classification Certificate, or if you are unclear about Qatar legislation, Qatari laws and regulations that you should be aware of when doing business in Qatar, please contact us. We will serve you with the highest care during the whole process, from document submission to the final achievement of the categorization certificate.

QCF Global – Your Trusted Classification Certificate Service Provider In Qatar

Completing these procedures is challenging for someone who is unfamiliar with these methods for Classification Certificate in Qatar. A letter must be sent to the Ministry of Finance, which will then provide an application number. They will provide the Company Classification Certificate in Qatar once the entire process is completed. QCF Global has been providing the right service to the right person at the right time for the past two decades. 

The government guarantees you fairness, equality of opportunity, freedom of competition, transparency, and value for money with the Classification Certificate in Qatar. We are only a phone call away and will do all possible to ensure that you have your Classification Certificate on schedule. As a reputable approved service provider in Qatar, we offer high-quality services at a low cost.

Qatar trademark registration for industrial license

A trademark is required for any product or service to be recognized. Legal action against trademark violations might be taken. A trademark can be a name, a word, a phrase, a logo, a symbol, a design, an image, a colour, a phrase, a form, a signature, letters, slogans, a surname, packaging, or any combination of these components. These provide an organization, brand, or individual with a distinct identity. People frequently mix up Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents. Although all three are employed to protect intellectual property rights, their aims differ. A copyright is used to safeguard an original creative or literary work. A patent protects an innovation, whereas a trademark protects brand names and logos that are used on goods and services.

Trademark registration in Qatar can be done by submitting the necessary documentation to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. If you claim to be the owner of a trademark, you must file an application outlining the company’s linked goods and services. Once the trademark application is submitted to the government, the TM mark can be used in conjunction with the trademark.

Typically, the following actions must be taken in order to finish the procedure.
  • Sticking the trademark on the application with the applicant’s name, title, occupation, nationality, and place of residence
  • Specifying the items and products to be registered, as well as their category
  • Identifying the entity that will be using the trademark
  • Choosing a residence and signing the application
  • Paying the charge in accordance with the rules

Once your trademark is registered, you will receive several benefits throughout the country. It grants you exclusive rights and protection over your trademark and allows you to sue anybody who uses your name without your permission. You might even submit a complaint against third-party companies that utilize the same or similar trademarks for their products. You can even request that the local customs authorities take action against the importation or exportation of items bearing a similar brand if you have total jurisdiction over your registered trademark.

QCF Global will work on your behalf to have your application accepted and published in the Industrial Property Gazette, which is published on a regular basis.

Every step is taken with the utmost care, and you will be able to use the ® Symbol to signify that your trademark has been registered and is legally enforceable.

Import Code / license for industrial license

What is import licensing? How can you get started in the import-export industry in Qatar? Import License is something many new business comers are unfamiliar with. It is basically an administrative procedure that necessitates the submission of an application to the appropriate administrative entity for goods importation. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to sell your goods outside of Qatar, you’ll need to register with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and get a commercial licence. For importing and exporting any commercial products, your company must register with the MEC and it is necessary to become a member of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Qatar’s official customs department is the General Authority of Customs, which is conducted by the Ministry of Finance.

Contact us now and we will help you with the detailed procedure on how to start an import-export business in Qatar.
Normally, there are three stages for the import process or starting an import-export firm in Qatar:
  • Import license is obtained using a one-time enrollment process.
  • documentation required for Importation is provided.
  • Customs processing for imports is cleared.

Many firms face a major challenge in obtaining an import license in Qatar for various commercial activities. QCF offers the ideal solution to this issue. To run a foreign-owned businesse in Qatar it is important to register the import licences with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

To begin, you must recognize that import licencing schemes are subject to WTO discipline. If specific circumstances are satisfied, some licences are granted automatically.

Anyway, the document requirement for importation varies based on their type, such as general goods, personal possessions, dangerous substances, livestock, and so on. They must also meet the standards of the nation of import or export. For imported meats, for example, a health certificate from the exporting nation and a “Halal” slaughter certificate from an accredited Islamic centre in that country is required. The documents are also reliant on the Qatari government’s regular trade policy and trade agreements. For the import cargo to be delivered, a few needed documents must be presented.

Another issue that concerns businesses is what documentation is necessary to obtain an import code in Qatar.

As acquiring an import code licence is a lengthy procedure, you can contact QCF and leave the rest of the hassle on our shoulders. We will get through all the process and the paperwork, submit it in order, get the licence., and hand it to you with ease

Qatar trading and contracting license

Are you worried about how to start a trading and contracting company in Qatar? Then here you are!

Is perhaps thinking of how to create a trade and contracting firm in Qatar keeping you awake at night? Then you should read this article.

To start a business in Qatar, you must first register it as a Limited Liability Company LLC or WLL. Qatari nationals will control 51% of the shares in an LLC.

Owning and building a business in Qatar is a dream for many who come and stay here. Many people come here with dreams to start a business in Qatar.

Qatar travel and tourism license

Wondering what is the best way to start a travel and tourism agency in Qatar?

The global expansion of the travel and tourism industry has had an impact on Qatar as well. Qatar’s beautiful shoreline, historical landmarks, and acrylic lucite skyscrapers make it an ideal tourist destination. Many entrepreneurs are stepping up to open travel companies around the country. But in order to operate inbound and outward tourist activities, including visa support, lodging, and transportation management, first, a Tourism Agency License in Qatar is required.

If you’re struggling to comprehend all the rules and regulations for launching a business, we’re here to help. Any kink in the entire procedure might result in your agency’s registration being denied. When dealing with the tax system, one must ensure that the tax card is obtained in a timely manner. Because different permits are necessary for both travel and tourism, which you must get from the civil aviation and tourist authorities, the procedure appears to be a little complex for you. Only an expert consultant, like QCF Global, can help you complete the procedure without making any mistakes.

Agency for travel Registration in Qatar is a time-consuming process that requires the payment of a fee to be deposited for Civil Aviation.

Every stage, from submitting a request for the opening of a Travel Agency to the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority to the yearly renewal of the licence, is a time-consuming job for the average person. To receive a Tourism Agency License, you must first seek approval from the Qatar Tourism Authority.

Keep the following in mind while registering your business:

Memorandum of article preparation is an important aspect of registration for every business that counts.

  • Commercial registration (CR)
  • Registration with the IRS
  • Registration with the municipality
  • Certificate for the computer
  • Registration with the Labour Department

To obtain the travel and tourism license, you must finish the full process of your company registration. 

At QCF, we help you get done with all the processes of business registration; from getting the clearance from appropriate ministries, clearing all the paperwork, to providing a bank guarantee.

This is a crucial stage as even a minor spelling error in your name, whether in Arabic or English, might cause you major problems later. But don’t worry, since QCF is here to help you with anything and everything related to your business.

Feel free to contact QCF Global Services for more information on how to start and receive a Travel & Tourism Agency License in Qatar. We assist you in completing all of the difficult procedures on time and obtaining the registration and license for your travel and tourist agency, based on our years of experience and competence in the sector.

Supreme council of educational license

Licensing and Certification Services for Schools, Training Centre, and Tuition Centers

QCF Global is a dedicated educational consultant in Qatar, assisting educational entrepreneurs in establishing schools, private tuition centres, or training facilities in Qatar and becoming a part of society by shaping the next generation. Since our 10 years of expertise in the sector of Qatar company registration, we have created over 3000 businesses.

Qatar’s economic and social development in recent decades has created the path for growth in the realm of education as well. The Supreme Education Council is the final authority in Qatar for supervising, reviewing, and establishing clear rules and procedures for the licencing and accreditation of all educational institutions in the country.

The permission of the Ministry of Supreme Education Council is required for every school licence, training centre licence, or Tuition Centre License.

Education is a necessary tool for all of us to have a bright future. Recognizing the significance of education in today’s world, the SEC has made it essential for all educational institutions, whether private/community/international schools, training centres, or tuition centres, to go through a certain process before receiving SEC clearance.

Initially, a full application on the standard application form should be sent online. The application will be sent to several government departments including the Ministry of the Interior, Civil Defence, Traffic Office, Municipality, Commercial registration and license department, following a formal commencement, survey, and approval by the SEC, to get the clearance certificates.

After the application has been approved by several government bodies, the applicant must submit the School Organization plan, education plan, and so on.

Normally, when beginning a business, three documents are required.

  1. Commercial Residence (CR), 
  2. A legal office space under your CR that is Trade License
  3.  A Computer Card or Signature Card (for issuing Residence Permits (RP) to your staff).

Although this appears to be a three-step process, it really entails a number of intricate steps. For example, in order to obtain a Commercial Residence (CR), you must first obtain a trading name for your business and pay a fee, followed by having your articles of incorporation printed. 

Once you have your trade name and certificate of incorporation, you may apply for a CR for your business. Similarly, in order to receive each document, you must go through a number of steps before receiving your licence.

Obtaining a trade licence in Qatar normally takes time due to the amount of documentation required.

If you do it alone, it might take months to establish your firm, depending on the papers you submit and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. However, as an experienced consultant like QCF Global, we can move things forward quickly by communicating with multiple ministries and eventually obtaining a licence for your company.

When applying for a contracting agency licence in Qatar, keep in mind that an organization cannot perform both contracting and engineering work. A Qatari shareholder who sponsors a contracting firm is not eligible to sponsor an LEO. Most contracting entities subcontract the engineering components of the project to an LEO or IEO.

In certain situations, contracting and engineering firms will bid on projects as unincorporated partnerships.

Contracting and building firms might expand their trade activities and import items. If you are concerned about how to obtain a trade license in Qatar, pleasecontact us for further information.

Auditing company license in Qatar

An auditing firm delivers reliable financial data for any organization and evaluates divisions to increase efficiency. It is always in great demand and is one of the most popular new business ventures in Qatar. Company Statutory Audit, Taxation Audit, Internal Company Audit, Cost Efficiency Audit, Company Financial Statement Audits, Internal Audit, and many more tasks are conducted by auditing firms.

If you are an entrepreneur intending to launch an audit business, you must first comprehend the Qatar government’s basic norms and regulations. Starting an audit business without a local sponsor is not permitted. If your business is a partnership, all of the partners should be competent accountants, ideally chartered accountants. 

If you are a foreign investor looking to incorporate a business with a licence, you need to have at least three years of experience as a practising auditor. You must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting from a recognized institute, you must have some fellowship from any associations or bodies of accountants, or you must have been a member for at least five years.

Another prerequisite for establishing an auditing firm in Qatar is to provide your CA completion certificate and fellowship certificate with your application.

When you check about Auditing Company Registration Qatar, you will realize that while it appears to be a straightforward operation, it is not. From registering with a sponsor to submitting a Visa Quota, you may have to go through a number of stages before receiving your final licence. 

But don’t worry, QCF Global is here to assist you in this time of difficulty. You only need to follow our directions for submitting your paperwork and wait a few days till you have your firm licence.

Clinic license in Qatar

To open and operate a medical clinic in Qatar, several conditions and processes established by the Supreme Council of Health must be followed (SCH). It must be registered as a firm with specialized clinical activity during its commercial registration. 

The regulations and processes outlined by the Supreme Council of Health vary depending on the sort of Medical Centre you create, whether it is a hospital, a polyclinic, a laboratory, or anything else. In order to open a Medical Centre in Qatar, you must first get a licence. The consent of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) is required for this.

From the SCH’s preliminary permission on the premises to the final licence for the operations, the process is lengthy and difficult.

The Process for getting a Healthcare Services License in Qatar is complicated and time-consuming country. You must get permits from many other government agencies, such as Civil Defence, power, and so forth. The premises must fulfil the specified requirements for the final inspection and issuing of the license by SCH.

In order to license healthcare institutions in Qatar, the SCH must also approve the qualifications of the hired employees. The Supreme Council of Health inspects the Medical Centre to ensure compliance with required safety and security protocols, waste disposal methods, communications connections, internal and exterior signs, cleaning facilities, and room sizes and equipment.

Brand registration in Qatar

The procedure appears to be difficult and time-consuming. QCF Global is a well-known educational consultant in Qatar, with a professional counselling staff that works around the clock to achieve a common goal.

People frequently prefer established brands to fresh ones. A Brand Name is an important aspect of gaining client confidence for any organization that counts. By registering your brand name, you are legally protecting your company’s brand register identification from rivals. You must be aware that the Brand Name and the Company Name are distinct.

A brand is a business name, domain name, product name, tagline, logo, word, design, or any other elements that distinguish one product or service from another.

Branding is essential whether a firm manufactures items or provides services. This comprises domain registration, company name registration, trademark registration, and copyright registration, among other things.

Domain registration- It is the simplest and most cost-effective method of registering a trademark. As more people seek online products and services, having an online presence is useful to your business. You safeguard your brand name by registering your domain.

Business Registration- While it is not always necessary to have a business name that matches your brand name, having a business name that is close to your domain and brand name is usually a good idea.

It is your business name that serves as the legal name of the entity and is used in the company’s bank account, tax registration, legal papers, work contracts, and so on.

Trademark registration- It guarantees you ultimate brand name protection. You can safeguard your brand name, business name, tagline, logo, design, and other assets. However, trademark registration can be a time-consuming process.

Copyright Registration- This is often done for literary, theatrical, musical, and artistic works. Under the law, even beautiful and one-of-a-kind logos can be copyrighted.

The following is the method for registering a brand in Qatar:
  1. Brand Name Lookup
  2. Application for Brand Name Registration
  3. Application for Brand Name Registration Examined
  4. Mark publication in the Trademark Journal

You can use a logo or a symbol to register your brand name under your ownership. Because it gives a visual representation of the goods and services, it makes it easier for customers to find and purchase your products in the market.

QCF Global has extensive experience in branding and associated procedures. We assist you in connecting with the appropriate ministries and completing all of the difficult processes required in the complete process in a timely and efficient manner. Please contact us to know more about it.

Industrial License in Qatar

Industrial License