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Active Presence of Qatari Women in Business Sectors

Yeah, the time to demonstrate Qatari women’s skills in the business and financial sectors has started.

Over the past few years, Qatari women’s presence is rapidly increasing across all business and financial sectors. According to the Qatar Chamber reports- there are around 7000 women who have registered partially or fully owned companies. Additionally, 4900 women are managing the companies, and 4700 just authorized signatories.

As a part of Qatar national vision 2030, Qatar is allowing women to participate in various sections like education, work, and also enhancing their social conditions. As a result, the state of Qatar is engaged in enhancing Qatari women’s skills and helping them in all economical participation.

“Qatari women have a clear picture in various business sectors and achieved great success in the business world.” Ibtihaj Al Ahmadani, Board Member of the Qatari Businesswomen of Qatar Chamber.

The rapid growth of Qatari businesswomen in the finance and business sectors can be connected to Qatari legalization, which can help them to expand their business without exception.

Qatari women’s participation in both traditional and modern economic sectors has positively affected their contribution to the national economy and private sector in addition to social protection.

Furthermore, the family business is an important part of their economic heritage. Most women are involved in family businesses and gradually develop into public or private shareholding companies. Family support is one of the powerful tools to encourage them to manage their business and enter into various investment sectors.

However, there are businesswomen who not only centered on the family business but also on companies owned, established, and managed by them individually, added by Al Ahmadani.

Qatar’s government has provided immense support for women in both the educational and business zone. Using their knowledge and experience, Qatari businesswomen have a great idea of how to manipulate business in all sectors. Even if it is a small or large enterprise like construction, tourism, industry, health, education, beauty centers, or local productions like food and perfumes, Qatari women have the ability to manage each corner of a business regularly.

Within a few years, Qatar’s economy is increasing rapidly. As a local or foreigner, the Qatar government offers a variety of business opportunities in all sectors. We can offer expertise in business consulting, feasibility study and business plan, sponsorship, partnership, company formation in Qatar, and PRO services.

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