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Everything You Need to Know About Hayya Card Application

Congratulations, if you have purchased your ticket for FIFA world cup 2022. Now, it’s time for your Hayya card application.

Hayya card is a personalized document for an entry permit to the state of Qatar and provides stadium and public transport access on match days. Match attendance would require the Hayya card with your match ticket. Hence Hayya card is very important.

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What do you need for a Hayya card application?

Hayya card is a smart electronic card that you should download using a smartphone. All processing for Hayya card is online. Before a Hayya card application, it is necessary to purchase your match ticket.

What are the requirements for the application for the Hayya card?

All international visitors and Qatar Residents should hold a valid Hayya card during the world cup 2022; even though they are not interested to watch the tournament.

Following are the mandatory document details for applying for a Hayya card.

For Qatar Residence:

1. Match Application Number

2. A valid photo

3. QID Number

4. Contact Number

For GCC/International:

1. Match Application Number

2. A valid photo

3. Passport Details

4. Contact Number

5. Emergency Contact Number

6. Accommodation details

How to Apply for a Hayya card Qatar?

Applying for Hayya card is very easy and simple.

1. Visit the site: www.qatar2022.qa and click on ‘Apply for Hayya’.

2. Enter your ticket application number. It is mandatory to have a match ticket for the application for Hayya Card.

3. Enter the unique order number, if you have a ‘Match Hospitality’ package from FIFA

4. Fill all the application information with a valid photo

5. Select the applicant type

6. Fill out Qatar ID and Date of Birth (For Qatar Residents)

7. Upload the passport details and Date of Birth (for international visitors)

8. Fill in contact details and apply.

You can access the Hayya card from the Hayya app after approval.

Hayya cardholders will get the right to enter Qatar from the beginning of November.

Saeed Al-Kuwari, Executive Director of the Hayya platform has announced that the ticket and Hayya cardholders will get the entry permit via email.
He also added that the digital version of the Hayya card is acceptable for watch matches and for all related services.

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