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Qatar is home to several diplomatic missions from different nations. The Indian embassy in Qatar is obligated to provide any support that Indian nationals in Qatar may need for a variety of factors.

The Indian embassy represents the Indian government and handles international matters pertaining to Qatar, where the representative is based. And QCF is the catalyst for helping the citizens of The Republic of India residing in Qatar to obtain any type of consular help related to passports and other unrelated services.

We are a multinational business consultancy firm approved by the Indian embassy. We cater to the needs of the Indian community that forms the largest expatriate community in Qatar and offer timely and reliable services related to passports, visas, and immigration.

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Embassy Services For Indian Citizens In Qatar

  • Issuance of Passports
  • Issuance of passage permits to return to India
  • Issuance of passage permits for newly-borns
  • Issuance of official authorization
  • Issuance of “to whom it may concern” certificate
  • Transport of dead body

Embassy Visa Services

Embassy Attestation Services

  • Commercial documents
  • Educational documents
  • Judicial Documents
  • Medical documents
  • Civil documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Other documents

Embassy Other Services

  • Issuance of “To whom it may concern” Certificate to be used for a driver’s license application.
  • Issuance of Police Clearance Certificate
  • Notary Services
  • Auditing Services

We provide all types of services related to passports to fulfill the demand of this sizable Indian workforce in Qatar, which consists of skilled and unskilled workers situated in industrial and domestic areas, as well as professionals situated in clerical services, hospitals, schools, executives in business concerns, and government sectors, etc. We also offer Visa services to overseas nationals.

Embassy Services General Information Regarding All Passport Services

  • For personal identification, while requesting a passport, the applicant must be present in person.
  • A minor’s passport has a 5-year validity period, compared to standard passports of adults with a 10-year duration. 
  • Under special circumstances, the Passport Issuing Authority may even issue passports for shorter periods of time. 
  • All other individuals who are in possession of a visit, business, tourist, or other types of visa may, upon request, acquire an emergency certificate.


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