Best Business ideas in Qatar- Choosing a profitable business as a foreign investor in 2024?

Small business ideas-Profitable Business startups in Qatar

In a few years, the number of investors is expanding for company formation in Qatar. The reason behind that is the security and strong support of the Qatar Government.

As we know, Qatar is a prosperous country as of its massive source of Petroleum and gas. As per the latest report, the GDP rate of Qatar is increasing very fast.

It is good news to hear that in a small country like Qatar, the economy is boosting rapidly day by day. After the FIFA World Cup 2022, it will be a new era for Qatar with lots of business opportunities.

Are you searching for best business ideas with low investment in Qatar?

You will get the right idea after reading this article.

In Qatar, tremendous business opportunities are on the list. If you have enough capital and clear business ideas, it is practicable to do any business here. A righteous connection with a business consultant will make it more accurate and achieve your business goals smoothly.

In addition, for any foreign investor, the business nature of Qatar will be very appropriate and conducive to starting a business.

Some of the best business ideas to start by foreigners in 2024 are listed below:

Interior Designing:

Everybody wants their home/workplace to be more attractive and comfortable.

Mostly, in Qatar, like rich countries, people are luxurious and have high-standard lives.

It is like interior designing is a unique business. It will be the best choice for people who are capable of creating a space that makes it functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  • High on demand
  • Work from home availability
  • Startup costs are relatively low
  • Chances are high for promoting your business.

Beauty Salon:

Everyone loves to look beautiful themselves. In Qatar, ladies spend most of their time on beauty and going to the salon daily. 

Based on high demand, small or high investors can open a salon in Qatar. With investment, you can provide more options and facilities to enlarge your business.


  • Begin salon at Work from home or a decent retail store
  • Earn high profit 
  • Custom recommendation


In today’s busy life, most people desire to order food from outside. 

With a click, your food will be in front of you to dine. Customers from every continent of the world are coming to Qatar and having food from different cuisine. Especially in FIFA World cup 2022, restaurants will harvest great profit from their business.


  • Strong government support
  • acquire more customers
  • The fast-growing tourism sector

Pet Related Service:

Who doesn’t like pets, right? It is inexpressible for us to care for and play with them. Even in today’s busy life, People are spending extra money to buy and make a comfortable shelter for this.

At the same time, they ensure the pets are healthy and happy all the time.

Presently, you can run a business like a veterinary clinic, or pet shop to gain benefits.


  • High on demand
  • Great opportunity with low investment

IT-related service:

Our modern technology is growing faster and becoming smarter than ever before. In information Technology, there are plenty of services including, software, hardware, networking, digital entertainment, mobile technology, and much more. From this scenario, you can select the right service based on investment and with proper knowledge in a specific area.


  • Start with a low investment
  • Highly developed infrastructure

Proper knowledge and experience can make any business profitable in Qatar. Clear guidance related to business and legal services can help you to run a business without tension.

QCF Global Services is a business consultant and PRO service provider who will guide and support you with your business ideas and company registration in Qatar.

Our expert team is here to listen to you. For more information, contact us at +974 33222369 or email [email protected].

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